Surface Guardian



A Revolutionary Coating for Hockey Glass That Will Completely Change How Fans See The Game.

Our Product cleans, disinfects, coats, and protects plexi/tempered glass.

Just about every hockey facility uses plexi/tempered glass as a see-through barrier between the players and the fans.

The problem:

Plexi/tempered glass although two different surfaces are porous and is subject to scratches along with hard smudges. It doesn’t take long before hockey fans are looking through deep scratches and a splattering of black puck marks.

The Old Solution:

Most facilities staff would spend countless hours each year attempting to clean glass either in place or remove it to clean and polish with less than amazing results. Suppliers of the glass would only offer temporary solutions with only products that strip the glass of its manufactured properties resulting in a more porous surface.

Our Solution:

The plexi/tempered glass stays in place as we apply our process reducing your time and efforts significantly.

You will be stunned at how clean, clear, and knowing your glass will stay this way for years to come!



Watch the amazing transformation of this hockey glass.

“Whoa…it’s like you guys removed the glass…it’s that clear…unreal!”

Luke Venker, Goalie Coach
3E Goaltending Center – Owner, Head Instructor

How It Works

Our Hockey Coating product is a ceramic antibacterial coating containing 91% isopropyl alcohol. We have designed it to protect and enhance plexiglass, making it more durable, easier to clean, and more resistant to scratches. – perfect for anyone who wants the benefits of Plexiglass without any of the downsides!


This process involves 3 steps with existing plexiglass.



We use our proprietary cleaning solution to help release any hard smudges from tape and puck marks.



The compound is designed to open up the surface at a micro level & is applied with a hand buffer.


Spray Ceramic Coating

Our anti bacterial ceramic coating is sprayed on & wiped down with a micro fiber hand towel.


“Wow! This will save me so much time & spectators will be so happy!”

Zamboni Driver & Rink Maintenance
Maryville Center – Chesterfield, MO

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